Paravision (2022)

writer, director, producer, editor

In her grandparents' house, Becca finds an old camcorder. Through it, she meets a ghost, who is trapped and needs help to escape.

Paravision Concept (2022)

director, cinematographer

This is the initial conceptualization of "Paravision" created prior to filming the full short. 

Passion Spree (Dir. Isabella Romero, 2022)


As Taylor searches for her missing sister, she realizes the answers she needs may be closer than she thought. 


Bless Your Heart (2023)

writer, director, producer, editor

When a boy from her past rolls into town, uninvited, Nita must have a showdown with her trauma to finally move on. 

In the Heart of the Beholder

(Dir. Dalton Markowich, 2023)


A man obsessed with eyeballs encounters the most beautiful pair he's ever seen. 

Eat the Rich (Dir. Isabella Romero, 2023)


After a zombie outbreak, a group of friends and their loyal butler lock themselves in their mansion for safety, but can they trust that none of them harbor the infection of the undead?